friday 28/08/2009

0 xp or full, i have both.

I can aceept marlysa cr max + 2 alec

Sorry, all sold out.

Please close, thankssmiley

0xp or Maxxed Flyer

thursday 27/08/2009

Please close

Buying all your lin bee 's
150/head ful xp
170/head 0 xp
put them in my private sales.
thank you

Haha,yup...there's no way Alec will go down...he's far too...uhh,'overpowered' if there's no SOA or SOB.

Close please i bought

I am buying Lots of Effie for 150 each please put them in my private sales and post here or private message me thanks

I am paying 230 for Tywh and 390 for Eve please put them in my private sales and post here

I am buying any amount for 310 each im also buying Asporov for 310 just send them to my private sales and also post here

Close please Mods. A deal has been done. smiley smiley

Selling Jim Cr For Either Clintz or Trade

Message Me If You Have An Offer Its quicker! - LS Triforce


all for alec

You might aswell wait then you can sell them for 20k lolz

Close Please

Ill give you my gil, pm me for offers other than clintz.

Please close mods

I want to buy Diyo Cr Geuner Cr Cassio Cr each 20k
If someone can sell please PM me private

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