tuesday 11/08/2009

I can buy elvira

Buying marco and kerry around 20k for both or buy each single whatever

If you have any, private sell me please, thank you. No adds... smiley


You shouldn't had to mention this subject again...
I have all Piranas 's cards. I dont have
Rolph (R) (R).
Leviatonn (R) (R).
XU52 (R) (R).
Methane (R) (R).
Nistarok (R) (R).
Ielena (R) (R).
Glorg (U) (U).
Kolos (R) (R).
Azgroth (U).


This is my miss ..
lolly for 450

Already have chan and nakata..

looking for sung tsu smiley

Have anita

I have the squid thing behind slopsh and ludwig

I have Hawk now
mod close plz.

Sorry but dont have that much....im thinking more along the line of any of these cards
around that price range

Close please Pegh has dropped to 7k already and it hasn't even been a day yet.

Seems like it is crashing smiley

Got them, pls close topic mods


smiley actually most of them are sold already

O can a mod close plz + ty

Kk got them

pls close topic mod's


Trading a Tessa CR for extra Alec Graksmxxt and Tanaevera. For instance

1 Tessa Cr for

5 Alec
1 Graksmxxt
1 Tanaevera


2 Tanaevera
4 Alec

Willing to entertain other serious offers.

Hello everybody...I'm buying 2 marcos for 20000...pm me if you want to sell to me...

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