sunday 26/07/2009

Any offers?

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Close Please...Thank You

Ive got a marco, 0xp to sell/trade , pm if interested

Mods pls close both of my posts

Jeff Jard12.....dude, you can have Chiara for free!

Na, there's no way that's happening.

Please close mods. Thanks!

I'm looking for Shakra at it's lowest stars with 0xp......I'm looking for it for around 5k or so..leave offers...Pm me...or just send your offer to me privately and if I like it I will take it...thank you

saturday 25/07/2009

For 70k?

Trade 300 radek for vickie cr
thanks mods for allowing the subject

All my skeelz doubles of every one

Close please i did buy her .

Alice price is now 210

Please close thread. I bought them already.

My offer 4 x lamar cr full xp + 1 x kerozinn cr full for your Marlysa cr full

I have all of them what are you willing to trade

Lamar Cr is the last card i need to complete the All Stars if you have him Pm me what you would like for him and if i have it you can have it

First i want lvl 1 and lvl 2

sec i want it with good price i want it low price (this mean lower than the market )

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