saturday 15/08/2009

He was lying jismark.... lol

Do you have Kolos

I will sell you Gabrielle for 3,001

Why don't you just sell him to Kate

PM me with your offer mate.

Close Please smiley

Thanks el moderators

I'm looking for jungo 0xp. So i give my skeel'z 0xp.
All characters ! smiley
Not juste one, or two =)
Mp me, i can add something =)

Don't forget that kate take 5% and you will profite from 50clintz of bonus for each card, then even with jackie it's quite not balanced

Prince jr for 850

I am offering 6.1k clintz for bloodh

PM me for faster reply

thankyou MODS smiley

You can close it

Selling 23 Ongh s for 13k each

Negotiable smiley Pm me please

I'm looking to buy marco for 12.5k-13.k please p.m me if intrested

Mods u can close this now

thnk u

I'm looking for Fei, the newwst member of the clan. I'm willing to trade for any card from the Fang Pi Clang. I have all of them, but the Crs

friday 14/08/2009

How much you want for Hawkins, Dalhia and Katan?
message me

You can close it
already sold the card

Buy Swidz for 30k. Pm me.

Its less on the market lol

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