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saturday 26/09/2009

Forgot to mention; I'm willing to accept other deals involving Ghumbo(I'd like Rowdy though)

Buying Nightmare's Ghumbo 5*
Around 9400
pm if anyone is interested

I am selling Tanaereva for 35 800. PM me back if you wanna buy her.

Close please

Kenny and glorg are no longer needed

200 allan 's for 10k ?

Hey i'll trade your Yu Mei for what ever you want list your offers here

135k and its yours smileysmiley

Please PM me or post here for other offers

Price in market now is 7200
I think u will go to buy it now smiley

I'll trade anibal full lvl for lost hog

Please take this down. i do not wish to make those trades/sales right now.

Dude just to note alec cr is like 54 k your deal is only worth like 40k you sud add more cardzsmiley

You know his price will drop ??

Thank you. yet i'm still not closer to my goal smiley

Nobody wants to trade? smileysmiley

Thanks a million mods smiley
Plz close

I trade my cassio cr full for:

-some cards 4* 0 xp
-some cards 5* 0 xp

Contact me in pm for your offers......

thanks mods

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