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tuesday 27/10/2009

Your zatman, jackie, for my Caelus, Marina, Taham, Bryan, Nobrodroid, Z3r0 D34d, Edd, and Clara that as a value about 32 146 i will the 3000 clintz to match your price needed pm if you agree thank you

Now tommorow he'll go back to 135k

Trading/selling 9 Alec Cr, (6 0xp, 3 full). Looking for the following Cr's,

Tessa Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Splata Cr
and Ombre Cr

Pm if your have an offer, thanks

Selling my Lamar Cr for 130k pm me or leave posts here

Please close mods, I have a bite. smiley

How are you said?¿?¿?

I will pay up to 31000 for and a card to fix the different. for example Edd or Petra and pm me in order to make a deal just name your price your card

thx mod

Close Please

I'm not interested in Bangers but I do have a Ghumbo for sale. I will take 5300 for him but would prefer a trade for Jay and possibly some clintz.

Rather than make a new thread, I will just dig this up. Offer now negotiable. PM me before I go off.

Clos the subject please
i sold it

.Please Close

XD can anyone sell me one? around 4.2k

How much for tesssa man

Starting 4000 lvl. 1 Price negociable lpease message me if intrested

Please check your PMS


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