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sunday 13/09/2009

Sellin lvl 3 jackie for 24.5k, its a little under 1k exp i think 910, still got goos use for future please pm me.

ty mods and UR

Nahi cr + 40000?

Im buying ongh for 13000
ill try to add clintz if possible
pm me if you need it

I just realized i cant sell these cards
im not happy with the low level of bidding
sorry to everyone who placed a bid
close this please

I only got onesmiley

The whole collection without crs for lao and marlysa cr ill have the 8 missing cards by tomorrow and im also adding alec cr 0xp and terry cr 0xp

please pm
thanks mods

As the title said PM me if ur intrested :]

I want your tomas for my aylen plus i'll give you 400 clints
PM me if your intrested :
i can also negotiate :]

The list of crs I am trading is at this preset deleted
pm me if interested

U must be pretty desprite y dont you just test your luke with packs

Close please smiley

traded with
Blade Demon


will buy for 9k instead

Close please smiley

Close this please
Hunterkillers wins

Close please. smiley

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Got my anibal for 2k

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