friday 14/08/2009

700 clintz

any one ps me

Who want Emeth? trade in your Coby

Close Please smiley

PM me mate, I've got an Emeth I could probably part with for the right price.

I'd take Manfred_WMD or apple321 up on one of those offers, currently a bit higher than market smiley
I'd make an offer, but I'm not willing to go over market.

rubo11's offer is quite decent right now too.

Close this plz

Pm if u r interested

Close please

thursday 13/08/2009

Well its 400 for 0xp on the market and hes decreased the price so il buy it pm me smiley

I give my Dwain Cr and 1k clintz

Please delete

Yayoi. 6995 full in the market atm. mona full in the market 7400 atm.
and i know that baby q will never get down to 400 so you can't get both.

Sell me them in private please. smiley Thank you. smiley

Bump. Sorry dude, only interested in Jackie. smiley

I'm selling my Rass Cr (0xp) ..

I'm mainly looking for Marlysa Cr or Dragan Cr. Thanks smiley

2 hugo 5* (R) 300 each
sai san 1* 300
larry 1*275
redra 1* 200
Burger 4* 1100
Chiro 4* 700
Don 5* 1250
Fabio 5* 1000
askai 5* 750
scotty 4* 1000
pm me

Got them all, what's ur offer?

I need like 5 of 1* star Gyro cards.

it's for this deck:

there's like all 2 star gyroes in the market
i'll buy them for 260 Ctz each.

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