saturday 25/07/2009

Buying Charlie for 8,500 clintz just send me a message if you're interested!

Please I need the money asap smiley !!!
For 9k !

Also if it can be at it's lowest point..0xp is what i mean..thank you

friday 24/07/2009

Close please

Im looking for the following sakrohm.
Murray Na Boh TrinmkkT Corrina Slopsh Wakai Murray Eris Petra SkrumxxT Uranus GraksmxxT
Be Nice if they leveled. and be nice if someone could get them all.
in trading in return my Caelus and my Damian.
Pm me if you all these. If you have partial sets of these guys, i have all 18 skeelz, so we can work things out.


Dorian 7850
copper 10.2k
jackie 27.2k

Would appreciate if someone sold him to me for around 19,000

I have a Vickie Cr it's full xp.

Close whenever you like mods smiley Thanks!

Im trading kenny for tomas+clints...
pls give me a discount for maybe a thousand clints?..

Jeeves and Nistarok for skrum.

I sell it for 1500.

I have a lennox how is dat 4 ur kolos

Close please

I trade my Vickie cr full + 2000 for a vickie cr 0xp
send me a message with your offert
thanks smiley

IF you have an ombre cr or a award cr ill swap but for ombre ill add more

Im trading my lulabee for ayle

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