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wednesday 23/09/2009

15100 clintz for Ambre. PM me if you want her.smiley

Close Please

I will buy a Terry Cr for 5000 clintz

I got a few power freaks like carasus, casandra, wolfgang etc . let me know if u want

You have bloodh? me add 1k + leviatonn

Ruby for Rosa and Smokey

I'll Trade Alec and Terry full xp's plus 85000 clintz

I'll give you Ielena (R) or Timmy (R) for No Nam or Emeth

tuesday 22/09/2009

I buy Ambre for 12 500 please I need Ambre smiley

Accept please the subjet

I'm looking for an Alec cr, I'm willing to trade a morphun, zatman and about 10k for one. I also have some other options, if anyone likes that deal or wants to talk about another 1 send me a message thanks.

Iv gt some la junta and junkz if u want ene

Anyone? My offer still open.


Yeah, i got some Alec cr 's and a Kerozinn Cr to offer, and Im looking for great offers for them smiley
im currently looking for a vickie and a splata Cr, and I would suppose to trade in one of the following ways:
2x Alec cr = Splata cr
Kerozinn cr + some addings (tell me what you want smiley )= splata cr
Kerozinn cr = vickie cr
2x Alec cr = vickie cr + small addings(tell me what you gotsmiley )

Sorry. Sold please close.

How much for Leviatonn? I'll buy in clintz, cards, or both

Please close and thank you

Also , Animation will cost 1k .

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