wednesday 26/08/2009

I will buy Deadeye (R) for 500 clintz

I want to buy a Deadeye (R) for 450 Clintz. ASAP.
Those willing to sell, put Deadeye (R) in my private sales.
Thank You.

I've a Dj Korr Cr and I'm looking for Manon Cr , Scarlett Cr and some cash (about 2millions) or 2 Manon Cr and a Scarlett Cr .

I prefer offer with cash.
But any offer that contain the twins may be considerate.
I don't care if they are full or not, it's the same for me.

Mp me and sorry for my english

You realise I'm buying, not selling.
Also, she's a bit lower than that on the market. About 300ish.
PM me if you're willing to go lower than that hatbat23 smiley

Compro Alec, precio maximo 50K, puedo llegar a comprar 3.
Buy Alec maximum rate for 50K, I get to buy 3.

0xp Melissa Cr for 211,000


You can leave a message here on my thread or you can just PM me...
No Offers No reply... thanks *Thumbs Up*

Most likely at least enough to add up to 114k

Looking for Vickie cr (102500 clintz currently)

Willing to trade 0xp Miss twice cr (77000 clintz) + 0xp Cassio cr (25000 clintz)

PM me if you are willing to trade.


Please close. My Lao has been purchased.

tuesday 25/08/2009

As the title says thats what i'm looking for,under market price if you can...Leave a message or Pm me Thankssmiley

I buy a Marco for 8500 and Kerry for 5500 send me a private sale

Looking to buy a Donnie at around 4500 clintz.

The market on this guys seems to fluctuate a bit, and I'm not quite sure whether this is too low. Either way, anyone willing to sell for this price, post here or PM me. Thank you.

Sorry, I have a few offers at 1200 so this can be closed smiley Thanks mods smiley

Will give Lamar Cr+Vickie Cr for 10 Jackies now.

I am interested in buying these three cards for the prices in the brackets:
- Jackie (20k - 22k)
- Dorian (5.5k - 6k)
- Zatman (11k - 12k)

PM me for a quicker responce or just put them stright in my private sales smiley

Thanks smiley

Striker is worth 1500+ more than your offer. i suggest you add in something else so people will consider your offer.

Well u heard me so please do pm me i´m sure we can work something outsmiley anyway pm me ASAP!

Exchange done. please close. thanks.smiley

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