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saturday 12/09/2009

I want every single Skeelz
all at 0xp
and under the market price by at least 300clintz

Looking for Marlysa cr, if anybody wants to sell it a bit cheaper than market's price please contact me, i got other cr's for exchange or just clintz.

Ok close

I offer my nyema for your dwain

Those went super fast. You can close this now.

Weird...Why does it say I'm offline?

What 340K

thats a good offer

How much for Tula?

Ambre purchased.

I wanna trade my other alec cr full (58000)
for jackie + tanaereva (24000+34000)

I'm trading my vickie cr for other cr's, cards or clintz. I will add cards and clintz if needed

Close this please thanks

Thank you mod, you can close

Hi, im buying

Hattori 2400 clintz

Lost Hog 900 clintz

Thank's MOD'ssmiley

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