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monday 07/09/2009

Just bought them close please

Still buying these guys smiley

i will buy them seperately.

I will trade my alec cr with 7500 for a jim cr

I will also take cheaper cr's

but then i will charge 400K

As long as i have the alec and u have the rest

Please close
bought a graks already

If we buy zatmen and sell to u we will get 13k

Its ok everyone makes mistakes

How many Terry's are we talking here smiley?

Allready sold, Thanks, plz close

I will take them for a donnie, 2 mira, 5 archibald, 3 noemi, 7 sledg, and 3 tomas. Those will be going up in value in a few weeks.

Is anyone interested?

I got mojo, estalt, nerf, and dieter



I have dr saw

Okay, close this mods, i got the cards.

You have any other Cr's you want to trade for Marlysa Cr 0xp?

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