tuesday 25/08/2009

For my Mona and Prince Jr

No she is 1200

Please closesmiley

Trade for simon my best card in my deck!

I have a marco

The CR price for Alec is probly going to be up there with Splata

Thanks to all who help me out i have been collecting him for over a year and i really appreciate it

4 messages

Close please.

pm me for faster response

I want a jackie for 20k, just sell to me in private thanks

Buying Armand at any level for about 650-700

That is actually a very very good offer indeed

Please i need these two cards as cheap as possible. just put them in my private sales and i will buy them! thanks!

Close Please

Will trade her for

Hax, Coby, Emeth, Bloodh, Vermyn N, Yayoi, Blaaster, Slyth, Kenny, Dalhia, Kolos, Tanaereva, Vickie Cr, Tessa Cr, Lamar Cr, Splata Cr, and 60k.

All adds up to be 690k, which is less than the Market Value smiley

Pm if your interested, thanks!

Need tanaereva... for 2 marco, suize, hax, elvira and anita.. mp

Im trading my tessa cr for other cr only .

please if you have offer PM .

Thanks mods .

I only want to trade him for 0xp thats all if i want to sell him i will but i dont want to .

monday 24/08/2009

I'm not buying Djs generals or terias.. Dragan can be found on the english forum. smiley

Mods Please close.

I am interested in buying an Anita for 1,000 clintz. If interested, please sell pm me and sell it to me in a private sale. Thanks.

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