sunday 12/07/2009

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I will buy in market close plz.

Thanks! I found someone (: you can close it.

Pose message here for more info

Aight som1 bought her now so now the subject closed once da mods close it

I'm trading my Ongh full for

Peeler (any level)
Rowdy (any level)

saturday 11/07/2009

Close please deal's been done

You can close it, i find some one (: thanks !

I Am Buying Chikko If You Want Him Player Mail Me Your Offers(What You Want For Him Cards Or Clintz.)(Make A Silly Offer Like Lamar Cr For Him And I Will Just Ignore You)

Um a trade for askia for 1 fang pi clang

Alright, new trade. Vickie Cr+Jackie for Lamar Cr

FIF is right.. Lao's price is only a little higher than marlysa..

Hey, I'd like to trade my Piranas for a Junkz offer.
I have all of the Piranas except Dalhia.
I'm not looking for all the Junkz, just a decent offer from someone who may have a few Junkz and would like to trade for Piranas.

Maybe he meant 10000 and missed a 0

36k instead of 31k

End of the sale, thanks !

Can anyone sell me a jessie for 1500 thanks!

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