monday 24/08/2009

I wil trade 2 alec for a aldebaran cr

Mods please close. i traded lamar. smiley

I got a better idea - give me a terry and i'll give you a wendel and a dr saw.

@0 Comedian, sometimes you wait for approval from the mods. I'm surprised they let it through after the announcement, but whatever. At least I update with a reasonably fair price, unlike the shlubs who are trying to get suckers to sell them cheap copies of Terry. I'm sitting on 40+ Vickie Cr and will trade a few of them for multiples of Alex at a fair price or pay cash, whenever the lock lifts. smiley

I am selling Osacr. I'll sell Oscar a little below market price. I'll sell Oscar for 565 clintz. PM me, if interested.

PS-Oscar's maxed

I have 60 melvin and they all for trade .

im not looking for 1 card anything to trade for is good Pm with your offers .

This can be closed please.

thank you

Willing to trade Chiro for no name or buying price is nocable

Terry can not be sold at the moment on the market and throught private sales

She cant be sold *tsk*

mods close

Also want Elea - 600 - 650

I will offer 1k for every 0xp terry
and 600 for every full 0xp

Sold, thanks mods please close now.

It is posted on French forum too ... but - I made some trades just using US forum ... so it is not "dead market" here smiley

Either put them in my private sales or PM me for a faster responce smiley

Well they're still very low.

Cley is over 350 in the market, and you're buying for 200.

D3ath kid who said what my tanaereva is full? smiley it haves 0xp too

I am buying as many multiples of jackie, zatman, tanaereva, and alec

Jackie =25K each
Zatman =11K each
Alec =18K each
Tanaereva =30K each

pm me if intereseted

thank you mods

I'm buying Marlysa Cr for 600 000 clintz.

Ill traded you my sledg for your willy.

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