monday 10/08/2009

Im looking for 0xp or full xp copper for 10k no more no less..

Selling Emeth for 7500 or trade glorg ,azgroth and estalt

Allready sold him

Buying 0xp asporov for 350, i want it as many as possible so pls pm mesmiley

Close this.

I can offer Graksmxxt*2 Wee Lee*2 Kenny*2 Seldnor cr and 20K for it
i can't offer more atm if anyone is intersted, plz pm me

I have a skrumxxt fully leveled but i would be looking for atleast 3k

Close please and thank you

He probly knows that smiley

All i can offer is 5800.

How much for sledg

Close Please

Please close

I'm wanting to buy melvin for lower than market price.
PM me and we can negotiate a price

Close please

Auction is over
All bid under this tag won't be counted

I sold it, close the subject please smiley smiley smiley

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