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saturday 12/09/2009

Buy vermyn n 0xp 6700clintz

Right now ghumbo is more than kolos but since its in new blood its price will drop soon
but kolos is not and its price is pretty stable

I just need a better card that can be played elo

Looking for 2 Alec Cr

Thanks mods

I'm willing to negotiate, I'm also looking for a 0xp Splata. I've got good cards if someone has both.

I would like to trade my 2 crs for cards of equal value or clintz or a combo the cr are terry and chikko
pm me with offers
thanks modssmiley

Hey like da title says i would like to trade or sell my terry cr and my chicko cr
pm me with offers
thanks mods

Im looking for 0xp Vickie + 55k

Thanks Mods smiley

Close please

Me i can give you 11alec for your marlysaCr if you want mp me

Well i'm stumped. I'll sell or trade to one of you guys soon or keep it.

Bump. Prices are now Caelus: 7k, Ambre: 13k, Charlie: 7k

As the title says...If I can get them for around 400 clintz a piece that would be great...PM me or leave a message...Thanks smiley

3 offers so far, keep em comingsmiley

This can be closed thanks

friday 11/09/2009

Whoops... i mean ghumbo

Vickie CR or lamar CR. bellow market price pls. lowest offer wins

Im looking for piranas

and tyd


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