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sunday 20/09/2009

480 on market

Taking offers on:
Splata Cr full
Miss Twice Cr full

interested in cards/clintz combos; looking for cards like
kolos copper jackie zatman ongh etc.

No one wants to sell me him?

I want to buy her for 4k pm me if interested.

Kristin and Gran Vista for Beetenka

saturday 19/09/2009

I trade this cards


Lino Borsa(C)

looking for piranas and jungo!
send PM

Trading vermyn N for 7k + card!

All those for Jim Cr

Please close

Close please i got what i want smiley

Please lock this


I no longer have Tylers smiley

Looking for 15 more 0xp 140 each.....3 stars........tnx mods

I am looking for a Vickie Cr for cheap as possible pm me please.

I have got 13 Taigos and 4K for Hawkins?

I got both of them close please .

I'm selling the following collector cards below market price:

Geuner Cr
Seldnor Cr
Cassio Cr

Private message me or post here your offers. Rush.

Thanks mods.

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