tuesday 21/07/2009

Close he is away.

Please Close Mods

I only have 22748 clintz

Put it in my ps

I want everything

Ummm...he already said it's closed

Sold out.
Lock PLZ
Thank U,Dear adminsmiley


I have nina lilith gheistling and vyer you offer thanks cya later

Im buying manfred for 1170 plz thts all i have atmsmiley

Close Please..Thank You

Hi, I have around 700 cards, and am looking for any available CRs or Tanaevera, I had a slight hitch on the market that is currently holding up over 100K of my clintz, meaning I'm a bit cash-strapped at the moment.

If you're looking for any non-cr card, chances are I have it, and will part with any combination of cards in exchange for available ones.

monday 20/07/2009

Close pls

I will trade my zatman + 55k for Miss Twice Cr.. offers pm me or post here.

Please Close Mods..Thank You

Close please smiley

I want to buy shogunn for 700 clintz (:

Nvm i sold it for 1500

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