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friday 18/09/2009

Ill trade lehane and gertrud for liu and trish plus 500 clintz

Close please

12x Eryton
2x Nerfeni
5x Timmy

Sell all for 10500, which is a reduction of about 600 or Sell all for Blood H plus 800 clintz

Looking for tanaereva.i have copper coby.or a card from la junta

670k but if you have a good cr for me with that, you can deduct it's value from the price.

Close please

I am looking to buy a splata cr, i will swap some doubles..

Pm me to hear my offer in full smiley

Sell/Chnge Sigmund Cr 0 XP

sale: 290 000 Clintz

Accepted letters I exchange: Miss Twice Cr, and Tessa Cr + 50 000 clintz or letters

urgent need of money, thank you

43 semi-evo Vickie CR and a Sum Sam Cr later, she's gone ... mods, please close smiley

Got the cards, close this up smiley

Got my ghumbo thanks
you can close this thread

Close topic

I have 600 clintz that i can add.

Close please

I'll trade with you for chiara.

Yes. I got his Sum Sam, then traded it away ... smiley

Throwing in now an allstars: choose between el gringo, alexei (0xp) or asporov.smiley

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