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wednesday 02/12/2009

Kerizzin Cr+ rest of the clintz

Please close

Mods can close this. Thanks!

850 for Rosa

What level Jackie and Zatman?


kenny for 9k
kolos for 19k

Close we got deal Thx Mods

Close please

Im hoping to buy Z3r0 D34d for 2,200clintz.

I you guys are kidding. Right now Coby is 5.8k on the market and Rick is 465 on the market. I have a few spare Ricks, I can spare one for say 250 clintz.

Please close

I would even be willing to exchange Mona for Graksmxxt...

Unless Melissa's price increases drastically, I'll throw in a Swidz Cr as part of the deal.

tuesday 01/12/2009

smiley only 1 person sold me 1 of them... I need more!

I need pirinas if you can buy them seperatly


Kolos 18/19K
Kenny 9k

private sell and msg me or post here smiley


Please lock the topic

Guru Cr 0XP + 2 Vickie Cr + 1 Lamar Cr.

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