sunday 16/08/2009

Close please

Close please

Fast fast fast plssmiley
I am looking for Copper and Hawk
I can give Zatman for them...

pls pm

thx modssmiley

Close please

Close please

Will its look like no one is going to trade so .

Please close .

Cancelled please close

Pls close. Thanks smiley

I want 27k total smiley
10k for kerry each
or 7k for yayoi

Still looking for 0xp vermyn

Sorry guys I sold it Mods please close.

I trade:

Bodenpower (U)
Shogunn (R)
Grudj (R)
Lolly (C)
Veccio (C)
Wanda (U) 0 exp
TrinmkkT (U)

i'm looking for azgroth,jessie,noemi
pm me

Close this please

The title says it all. If you have some other card(s) to trade, I am willing to listen.

How much is your budget FD-Famous ?

I have skeelz cards to trade for ur kerry.

I assume it's your bid dennis... not just an opinion smiley

So, unless someone else bid and forum hasnt been updated since

new player leading (and probably winner)
220 per head. (22K total)

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