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monday 09/11/2009

No one seems to be interested! =) well might as well close this mods.=)
anyone who accepts the offer just pm me!

thanks mods.


smiley plz pm me an we will talk price

Hallo @ all,
i´d like to build a new rescue deck and look for all kind of cards of this clan for an acceptable price. i am also looking forward to buy packages of cards.
thx and smiley

sunday 08/11/2009

I buy all 0 xp Deebler for 200 clintz

He doesn't have the cards

Will you sell me one for 2035 ?

1 345 Clintz is it's going rate.

20k worth of bangers

I'll be willing to raise the price to 2700-2900. Cmon folks, don't you know how to haggle?

Mods, can you close this subject?


I want to buy 100 Fei and 150 Archibald.

Bulk offers only!


For Fei 's:

I'm buying them 1250ctz each.

Willing to pay more, if the bulk is bigger than 25.


For Archibald 's:

Buying them 310ctz each.

Willing to pay more, if the bulk contains more than 50 archibald in it.


You can PM if you want to ask something. Or just put the cards in my private sales.


I got alec cr you need tha`?

Close the message, thanks mod`s

I,ll buy your jackie for 23k pm me if interested.

As the title says they are 750 each they are 890 on the market right now i got 7 of him the price can be changed

thanks mods smiley

Close please.

That would be a lot of Tomas'. Good luck though!

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