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tuesday 13/10/2009

One jackie one zatman and 7200 clints ... i have no more clints or crads ... PLease !!!

I would trade Damian and 2 Terry cr for Kolos

I want to trade with anyone for a Vickie Cr so if you got a Vickie Cr then lets talk out a deal please cause I need one

IF U GO UP TO 5700

I'm looking for a gibson card at lvl. 1 willing to negotiate price and if any body has any other junkz they want to sell then look me up

smiley i sold the card so you can close this now ty

Close plz

Close plz

Close plz it got sold to market too late peoplesmiley

I buy your miss twice for 62.000

Ill give you 2 hawks but for what

LOL thats smart maybe throw in about 80k

I'm willing to move all my nightmare cards...

should i just PM sell you them at whatever they are on the market? moving Glorg, Azfroth, dieter, eadh, erzsebet, k cube, mojo, nerfeniti, phyllis, sargh, and timmy.

Onehit its Buying not selling LOL

Looking for nightmare and bangers

You guys might want to look at the date...smiley

Close please.

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