saturday 04/07/2009

Anyone else?
i will accept Multiple rescue cards

I will buy lowest offer b/c i desparately need him pm me offer

Zatman + 6k = Ongh + Hawkins

pm me for faster reply


You can close thanks smiley

My deals r off i got me a Striker now

The auction is over you know...

friday 03/07/2009

Sold please close

I'm sorry but this event has been stopped, you have done 2 things that are against the forum rules and that is not allowed. fire_(evo) please return the entrance fee to gr_evo

first of all raffles are no longer allowed unless there is a free entrance fee, if it costs to get in then it's against the rules.

second of all trading/selling/buying or anything else dealing with codes is not allowed in the forums see info here:

that is all

Kolos've been sold close please

Lol do u have better than that coz i'm intres in thish deal but Hikiyousan is only 5400 +800 he is only 6200 while dorian is 8000 so do u have any other trade

5000 clintz

I have swidz cr and will trade for cr's and or clintz pm me or leave offers here thanks


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