monday 03/08/2009

Looking to buy Vickie Cr. Finally managed to put together
100k for it lol. PM me if interested. Thank you.

I have 47000 now please pm me or put it in private sale thanks

thanks mods

Striker Loma Noju Jessie Hammer Flo El Gringo Asporov Ludwig Slopsh Sting and
> > > > > > > Tula = 20,791clintz {all the cards together}
cards added

I have already buy all I want.
Thanks to all
Could you close it ?

58.000 Clintz, i don't want trade

pm me

Sorry Dudes, most of them are gone now! Mods you can go ahead and close this, Thanks to all people who bought or traded card!

Offer closed card already sold smiley

How bout whole lajunta, bangers, some nightmares and some allstars.
(glorg, striker, nistarok, etc.)

It should be closed smiley


I'll buy all Sandro 0xp for 200clintz no massage need
just in my PS ty

Dolly Sharon Milton gone

Bought,Close this

Any offers?

Hi, I would like to propose the following trade:

My Sigmund Cr (0xp) for your Tessa Cr (full) + Miss Twice Cr (full) + Tanaereva (full) + Swidz Cr (full)

Reasonable other offers will be considered.

Thank you

Close please smiley

I really prefer those 2 trades but
non double = amount crs or good cards might be considered

also pm for faster replies

Or 70,000 plus a Jackie. ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME?

I'm looking for Lulabee at her lowest amount of stars with 0xp on it..I'm also makeing trades fro her so leave a message or PM and ill get back to you...Thanks

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