saturday 27/04

friday 26/04

Message me if you have lots of Methane to sell or exchange!! thanks

Nausicaa full 85k
Brody full 70k
100k clintz

I can add more clintz if needed

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Lamar cr 4.0m
Xantiax Robb cr 3.0m
Kerozinn mt 7.5m
PM for fast response

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Lamar cr 4.0m
Xantiax Robb cr 3.0m
Kerozinn mt 7.5m
PM for fast response

thursday 25/04

I'm looking to trade:
Dounia Mt full xp [3.2M]
Alec Mt full xp [5 M]
Miss Twice Cr 0 xp [2.2M]
I also have some cash if my cards have less value than yours.

I am mostly interested in
Ymirah Cr [2.4M]
Jackie Cr [1.3 M]
Tessa Cr [3.8 M]
Vickie Cr [4.3 M]
Splata Cr [5 M]
B Mappe Cr [8 M]

I will listen to other offers if a big part of them is in cash.

wednesday 24/04

Hi i trade 60 Noctezuma Cr 0exp 700k/t-> 42m

i'm looking for
Lyse Teria Cr 0exp 14,5m /full 14,3m
Guru Cr 0exp 15.3m
Kerozinn Mt 8m (max 1)
Kiki Cr 0exp 16m
DJ Korr Cr 0exp16m

tuesday 23/04

Hello everyone!
Im selling Page Cr 0xp and I'm looking for 700 000 Clintz / a trade for Mona Cr or Pr Cushing Cr
I'm willing to trade through Private Sale (VP) / Secure Trade (ES).


Bump. Hoping to sell/trade Lao Cr for 4 million. Only looking for Dounia Mt. smiley

monday 22/04

I trade a copy of A Award CR full exp [750k] and a copy of Nahi Cr 0 exp [1.75M] for a copy of Ymrah Cr. I am also interested in Atkinson or other Cr and Mts (cash too) if you want to make a different offer. Prefer PM for that but it's fine here too.

Thank you!

Anyone interested in a 0 xp No Love with a signature of its creator?

I understand it is an offer only for a limited number of collectors/fans, but if you are interested write me a PM with your offer.

As it is a special card obtained and marked under special circumstances (trophy for EFC top), I will not consider offers below 5 mil ctz. It will sell to the best offer.

Private messages, please.


If anyone is interested please PM or post here.

sunday 21/04

Looking for any xp Vickie Cr for 4.3m price


Other interesting offers will get consideration of course. Except for “lots”

Elya is gone. Rass, Aldebaran & the Adders are on the open market. PM for lot prices of Fairbanks and Comanche

Hi to everybody i trade my General Mt 23m

i'm interested to :

Lyse Teria Cr 0exp 14.7m
# dj korr cr 0exp 16m
# guru cr 0exp 15m
Cannibal Jo Cr 0exp 18m
Sigmund Mt 0exp 9m
# dragan mt 12m

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