sunday 05/07/2009

Okay I don't have the funds to buy a 27k Jackie, but I do have around 25k. I can't sell my cards because of my ELO and Dt deck (which I need Jackie to complete). So if anyone could please just sell mme a Jackie for 24.9k, I would be glad. I would pay you the 2.1k (ish) differnce when I get it. Thanks

PM me for offers. I won't buy anything greater than 5500 Clintz.

I'm looking for Blaaster from the Bangers!
I will give you: Shakra (Plus 300 clintz)
Please leave a message here or PM me if your interested.

Close plz

Sold, close please

Ill buy noodile for 300 clintz

It was lower like 2 hours ago but dont worry i already sold these two.. i will be getting two more and selling it for around 10k

Come on people...

Offers by mp please!!! Any offer??? smiley

Can i buy or trade for just your marco

No. he wants a Mona of any * level
he can give 5k or the list of the cards*

Note u have to choose the cards

Mods u should close this becuz it's dated March (i think)

If you want it just message me.

also, check out my other sales

El Gringo- for the price of your choice...

You can buy her on the market for 250. only 30 more.

saturday 04/07/2009

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