saturday 18/07/2009

PM me, don't leave a comment

How much is it really? 24245 clintz or 245 clintz? Maybe 24 clintz! Lol. smiley


You sold all the Piranas at the market? So there's no more offer?


Mods close please...thank you

Any other offers at the new market prices?

Please close!

Sold mods plz close

Jackie,Alec and Ongh and you pay the 50 clintz per card.

Forget Hel.... I just want Sheitane 1.5k

Wow that was fast

Mod please close this smiley TY

So you what card worth 14 to 18k. for a card that around 11? good luck.

I need about a 1000 dreen???if i can make that kind of money
just send her to me for
140-150c? or pm me to negotiate
thanks mods

I'm selling a full xp Vickie Cr for 98,000 clintz

Thanks Mods

I got one don't need anymore thanks

Title says it all.
I can add Clintz and Cards also.
PM me for faster response.

friday 17/07/2009

U can close the theme

Buying Ongh and Sylth for a total of 19,130 Clintz. Anyone interested pm me.

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