wednesday 22/07/2009

Private message me for offers. thanks

Im buying chiara at a low price..
pm me ur price..

Please lock this thread i already got him thank you

Wanting to buy uranus for 5000 just sell to me in private thanks

Trying to make an ELO

I need Rolph, Toro, ZeroDead, Marina, Robb, and Jessie


tuesday 21/07/2009

Trading my Swidz Cr+my Jackie for your Jim Cr, pm are greatly appreciated, or post down here, thankssmiley

Mods can you please close this; it was 2 months ago lolsmiley

Close this mods thanks

Nvm no deal xD

That was fast! Card Traded! Please close! Thanks Mods!!!! smileysmiley

Please close mods! I got a different offer to post, lol

Swidz Cr for 26,000 can any one help will put a Chiara in the deal

Gee thanks...smiley

but im still buyin for my collection smiley

This subject can be closed, i trade it for a Kerozinn Cr smiley

How much money are you willing to add?

How much for Aylen

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