sunday 19/07/2009

Plez close mods... the deal was done early.

Hey ill buy it for that

I would like to trade my fresh Armanda Cr (0XP) which i will win at [No KO, No Victory] for :

Marlysa Cr
Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr/Vickie Cr

It doesnt matter if they are full or unevolved.
Realistic Negociations welcome smiley

Thanks mods

I want to be tomas , aylen , or chiara if u have them message me for faster results

saturday 18/07/2009

Close please

Ill buy la junta and sentinal for cheap prices because im a newbie

You can close this now i got zeke thanks.

Looking to buy Emeth for 5 500 clints.

This thread is closed.

I sold them a while ago.

Well im selling it for 800,000 clintz, thanks

Chiara's price will go down so you had advantage this time im really in need of chiara please accept my offer

Cls please. thanks

Close please

Ill give u one for 75K

18,000 is market price, 20,000 is way too much! (Unless the Kolos your selling is at 2* then it is worth it lol.

Jamiewright12 will make a new thread smiley

Selling cyan for 150 and kirk for 350

Buy Redra for 150

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