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thursday 03/09/2009

Sold, mods can close this now smiley

wednesday 02/09/2009

Please please please close i have one

Mods you can delete this, Thanks!!!!smiley

Close please i've founded all montanas

Close please i 've alredy got terry

Hey, i'm looking to trade for 1 splata.
i have the following to trade:

excluding CRs, i have all the pussycats, la junta, fang pi clang, sakrohm, sentinel, piranas, roots, gheist, montanas, uppers, freaks, skeel and ulu watu.

i can offer full clans or a mix of cards from each clan, as long as its decent im open to any negotiations.

For miss twice cr 0xp i will offer 8 terry cr 0xp

5k for each avatar

I'm looking for uranus..make your offer

Looks like slyth's price has dropped so I'm just going to buy Anibal.
Someone close.

Plz ppl i really need himsmiley

Thank u mod card sold close this thread

You give Alec 0xp
for me and i help u to keep lv.
and send back to u?
1 k?

OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRADE ME AS SOOON AS POSSABLE WASNC ISEE YOURS I WILL

Close please ....

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