monday 25/05/2009

Ill pay you 9999 clintz


i trade my hawkins 0xp and my wheeler 0xp for your katan and bloodh


I buy tanervera for 35k any lvl smiley

Already have 1
please close this mod

Close plz.

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Someone just bought it for reserve price so.
Mods Please close and Thank you

I will trade you Timber for Taham

Please close. ill change my offer

Please close admin

Im buying for at least 5 0Xp Allison ill buy it for 300 each..

I can pay 115k for Reine Cr come on!!!

Good luck

Subject closed

I have one of the latest splata cr 0xp...I could be interested.

Is tessa Cr 0xp?

What kind of other cards do you want to trade for?

PM me, please (it's faster)..


Close please.

Im looking to BUY Dorian 4* 0xp or less than 100 xp
Im offering 9000 clintz

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