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wednesday 02/09/2009

I will privit sale you oung and perg.

Please could i trade your taneareva and wee lee

Ill give you all of the first twoo pages of all stars plushammer and oyoh for chadbred cr and possobly chico cr

How about 6 donnie and 2 tomas. i might even throw in an aylen

Well, that was fast smiley

Moderators, please close!

Thank you so much for the Kenny, HRA smiley

I'll trade Vickie, Tessa, Lamar, and 4 alec cr 0xp

Close this mods tnx.... i'll make a new one

I will sell you a lamar for pure clintz if you have, message me


topic closed

Kolos . whats the offer

Thanks Mods, all done, please close.

The cheapest Gheist CR you can get is Selsya CR which is about 50-60k clintz...and Miss Twice CR is at 70-80k...I don't know about your deal...but I guess you getting a Gheist CR with those cards are next to impossible.

As i tittle say im willing to buy you're ambrose cr oxp for 150k in clintssmiley or trade it to my other cr,s cards

just pm me smileyif you want to negotiatesmiley

tnanks mod

Close pleasesmiley

Pm me if you are still interested

Mods, you can delete this now. And thanks!!!smiley

Lowest offer please

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