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friday 01/01/2010

Hawk for marco

I have noticed his price has changed now it is 5000 or any of these cards
marco, Buck, Nobrodroid, peeler, Ryuichi also up for offers around the price range of 5k

I sell my Aldebaran Cr
for 450 000 in clinzs ou littel crs or cards like wee lee ..

thnx modo

thursday 31/12/2009

Crdoom won this. plz delete this post

I'm looking for Tessa Cr full exp

I offer Vickie Cr full exp + clintz or cards

Please, Your offerts by PM smiley

You can close this i got what i was looking for smiley

Mods plz close

Haha so I did not get any help after all. Well, issokay I guess. Anyway, thank you for those people who thought of, or tried to help! (anyone? Hahaha)

Moderators kindly please close this thread. Thank you and have a happy new UR year!

I will trade my colin elliott and janine for scubb please oh please oh please smiley

Anybody? they back down to just under 20k now but still looking to pay 18k

Buying Kerozinn Cr for 59k + cards.

PM me for Offers.

Thanks mod.

Trading my jackie for smokey cr + 5k or cards with 5k

Hello do you have sylth any level
i will trade smokey to your sylth if u have.
if u have sylth let's trade.
please smiley

I will trade my Smokey to Sylth
PM me if u want to trade
please trade with me thank you..

Got one, thanks.

Any mods or admins can close this topic now.

-closed until further investigation-

Still kinda rude >_>

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