tuesday 30/06/2009

Juicy Lord full xp for 3,700-4,000 best offer gets it

Please close.
Thanks mods. smiley

Amsirach stop ripping the guy off man... she needs the help i guess... lol


Looking for Estalt around 700 clintz

I offer 1.2Million clints smiley

Selling my full exp nahi Cr for 5% less than the market price of when you message
It is currently at 67000, so ill sell myn for 63650 right now
Message me for faster response or post here.

Send me private message if u are interested

I want to buy Blaaster for 7500, pm me

Title says it all. Will add clintz if needed. Thank you.

Close Plz

Not even an offer... sadly i think we can close it... thanks :/

Willing to take around 32k

monday 29/06/2009

I trade 50 3*0xp for chikko cr full i have 150 3star 0 xp for 3 chikko cr

1.8 k each is overpriced...he is 1.1 k on the market..
Unless you find some fool that will buy them..

Close please cuz there is another post of teh exact same thing

Im trading my buck for a lulabee pm me or post messages here thanks

Please close smiley

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