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wednesday 02/09/2009

Thank u mod card sold close this thread

You give Alec 0xp
for me and i help u to keep lv.
and send back to u?
1 k?

OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRADE ME AS SOOON AS POSSABLE WASNC ISEE YOURS I WILL

Close please ....

I will privit sale you oung and perg.

Please could i trade your taneareva and wee lee

Ill give you all of the first twoo pages of all stars plushammer and oyoh for chadbred cr and possobly chico cr

How about 6 donnie and 2 tomas. i might even throw in an aylen

Well, that was fast smiley

Moderators, please close!

Thank you so much for the Kenny, HRA smiley

I'll trade Vickie, Tessa, Lamar, and 4 alec cr 0xp

Close this mods tnx.... i'll make a new one

I will sell you a lamar for pure clintz if you have, message me


topic closed

Kolos . whats the offer

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