monday 06/07/2009

How much

Buying lamar cr 125-135k

Closed plz thx mod.

500 clintz for Sung Tsu
PM to me plz

Pls close tnx

Sorry forgot I had this still open. Mods please close deal is finalized. Thank you mods

Please close this

I am trading Kolos for Yayoi lvl 1/2 +Charlie 1/2/3*

Ricardo 290

Closed plz mod....
thx alot mod...

Cool i sale u my gyro 4 275 its maxed out so maybe 260

I got a deal (: close it, thanks a lot !


sunday 05/07/2009

Ive changed my mind, Close this PLZ smiley

Close plz

What's the chances that some0ne will sell me Sylth for only 6k smiley?

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