wednesday 20/05/2009

Anyone who have a offer?

Take the 1 off the front any I'll take it. smiley

Im market her price is 444 clintz
if ur interested pm me offers
but im gonna sell her under market price

Just buy one on the market, he's 900 there at the moment.

Im still interested, but i cant pm me, let me know when your on

Edd for 1500 clints

Hey footie can you sell me Shayna If It's avaliable

Sorry, sold

tuesday 19/05/2009

Someone close this plz
looks like no one wants the card

Actually I wouldn't mind having Clara either smiley

20 Sylth is 120k. Kerozinn Cr is 98k on the market at the moment and has been bouncing between 95k and 105k for awhile now. Even someone who bough their Sylth's low (e.g. I bought my 29 for 4k or less each) is unlikely to jump at this. You may want to reconsider your price.

Okay I sell them for 7400 now

Pls.. close...
just got it..

21K precisely!!!

0Xp too

Lol! i can buy it for 14.5 K on the market

Close please we have deal

As the topic says I would like to buy a Mona for:
5000 clintz if she is unevolved
4800 clintz if she is maxed.

Just make a private store if you would like to sell her.

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