sunday 31/05/2009

Sold her...please close this. Thank you

Aaa mod plz close bought it in market for 11.8k-_-

saturday 30/05/2009

I'll buy your Gina Glitt for 425 clintz

Close this thread

Selling chad bread

Selling chad (cr)

Aw shoot my bad uh selling fr 180k smiley haha

I am buying all ur taigo's just send it to me for market value and i will buy it right away

199k now XD for 0xp
how about my entire collection and my entire clintz except for 8 crap cards LOL

It is 5/30/09 last day lordfinbar leading with b.1k clintz still

I have 6 Feelyn at 0xp

I will sell them for 315 each!

Pm me if you are interested smiley

21 straighy up the pussy cat

Anyone interested?i can now accept even if not 0xp but i prefer more 0xp.thanks


Hikiyousan (U) 6,5k
El Gringo (U) 2,5 k

If you buy both I'll give them with 8,25 k (that means 750 clintz discount)

I am looking to buy for:
35,000 clintz!!!!!

If you are selling PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PM me about it, or heck even just setup a deal!


Ok i will do it send me 10 first each at 150 because that is half of what you are asking for if you do that i will buy the rest

Pls closed this sub...tks

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