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sunday 19/07/2009

Someone gave the 1750
please close mods

Can anyone sell me nerfeniti for 500 clintz please? smiley

thanks mods

Sorry somebody message me first.


Thank you. smiley

WTB Fifty x5 (530 each) pls put them on private sale. thnx.

And another 0 for marco and change the 1 in 1,000 to a 26 then people will buy

Ill give you jay and tomas

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BUMP, still looking for Jay... $2,000 clintz smiley


Max Or 0 XP i don't really care... Although i do take buck at any level any xp but prefer 0 xp or full

Ok so i bought a pack from the shop and found inside a Tanaereva lvl 2 imagine my surprise when i saw the price range he is at his basic but been reading he is a very good card to have anyone interested in doing some kind of deal?

If you are snd me a private message thanks for your time


3 Hours

Plez close mods... the deal was done early.

Hey ill buy it for that

I would like to trade my fresh Armanda Cr (0XP) which i will win at [No KO, No Victory] for :

Marlysa Cr
Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr/Vickie Cr

It doesnt matter if they are full or unevolved.
Realistic Negociations welcome smiley

Thanks mods

I want to be tomas , aylen , or chiara if u have them message me for faster results

saturday 18/07/2009

Close please

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