saturday 16/05/2009

I will sell radek lvl max for 500

I will buy eris for 1k

Smokey and Methane is gone.

Please close.


Anita for 1200 pls

300 for level 4 timber

Can you pm a list of cards you would trade for Kanta

Ill exchange my bloodh to your shakra and kiki or ratanah and kiki

Looking for striker and clintz

PM me if interested

Im trading my full diyo+clintz compliment for a diyo 0xp..
post here or pm if interested..

Plz close i have edd now.

Close this mod thx

Buying Zatman for 13k
Buying Rubie for 3.25k
No more, no less.

My Splopsh (R) for your Naginata(R) ?

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