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thursday 30/07/2009

Got a Lao Cr (0xp) up for trade folks smiley

Looking mainly for multiple copies of:
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Splata Cr
Tessa Cr

Willing to trade away for around 750k. PM if your interested. Thanks!

(Offers that are way below market value will be ignored)

Impressive collection, you must have guessed right on a few cr candidates in the past. smiley

You certainly seem to go through a lot of high end cr's in your trades. I follow your post info on the profit you make from flipping the big 5, its probably the quickest way of making money. Now I just need to grind out a few million more clintz to get in the game smiley

p.s. Bump

Plz post any bids to me at 'slipknot_rule' i will see if i will accept

I would give the Gibson or Peeler or both so PM me plz

I need Bloodh , Nobrodroid, Taham , Gil , fuzz
i need them to be lower than the market price Plz

Got a vickie cr 5*, looking for a kerozin cr 5* and a zatman (4* preferred but not necessary).
PM or post here, thx!

I will give 11k for all your dreen

00:00 but what timezone?

Mods u can close...thanks

I'm buying a one jackie for 24000

I have maxxed out Vansaar, Hugo and Timber. Will sell for any clintz. Will trade for anything. One card at a time.

Close please

Close Please

Ill buy manfred

Are you interest in Alderaban Cr ?

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