wednesday 08/07/2009

Wanting to buy havok for 2000clintz just sell to me in private

thanks mods you're the best smiley

What cards do you want i have quiet a few

I have the whole first page of rescue? i'll trade them for something good

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tuesday 07/07/2009

Tomas for 18k smiley

Still loookin', thank yousmiley

Ill sell you rowdy for 6600

Mods please close thread
i bought them in market for cheaper prices than 1000 and 1500.

I have Blaaster
Please close thx mods!

MODS please close

thanks to all

What do u want foe Deadeye?

Purchased. Thanks

I`m going to buy Bloodh 5k

Thanks Lauren and mod's.
Close please. smiley

Buyin ottavia anyone selling giv me a shout

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