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saturday 19/06/2010

Guild has been rejected smiley

Part four!

"Why?" asked Rick, after practicing his technique on Twyh. "Why did you kill 'Muse?"
"I didn't mean to kill her" replied 'Twyh.
"So what, you accidentally poisoned her?"
"No," she said, "She was just in the wrong place. Ever since we left the Pussycats, me and my sister, Betty has been trying to kill us. She tried FIVE TIMES. I just couldn't take the paranoia, the always questioning if our waiter was trying to serve us or kill us. So I bought the mushrooms and slipped them into what I thought was 'Betty's food." Breaking down into tears, she exclaimed "I never meant to hurt 'Muse! She ate the food that 'Betty was supposed to!"
Rick was stunned by her reaction, typically used to the hardened career criminals. He gave 'Twyh a few minutes to regain her composure, then brought her up to the front desk.
Five years later, Twyh is back on the streets. She stays inside the circus, rarely leaving the safety of the tents. It's said that she has been practicing to use mushrooms, not to kill, but to heal.

Thanks for reading!

The staff wants to keep this place a very safe environment for everyone. This has always been the way UR has been run and will be. It is how the staff wants it.

Just imagine a player going berserk posting LOADS of spam, bumps, insults, profanity, etc. that would easily get through if we do not monitor posts. It will get out of hand. A simple thread will turn into an undesirable, unreadable, and wasted thread if that happens. And it can happen to ALL the threads that are currently existing.

friday 18/06/2010

Thanks everyone who commented! Check out my new story, AMuseing Mystery, here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1470625&subject_page=0

A classic whodunit with a twist or two.

Remember your link! guild:999414

Join, or they will find you...

Close please smiley

thursday 17/06/2010

We need you to make this guild rise!

New recruitment page, check it out!


Engulfing Darkness just made their limit level 15 and their in need of member.
I'm not saying anything against Bliss but I would like to mention Engulfing Darkness does a lot with ELO

wednesday 16/06/2010

Keep on joining smiley

After participating in the fanscript event and finding out that i over exceeded the characters limit, I decided to shorten my Vholt story. The story above this post will be within the intended 6000 maximum character limit. I will also be telling the story that i thought up during the competition but didnt able to post as an entry due to limitations such as, Hugo, Vansaar, Ashigaru, Morphun. All these stories will then be in a crossover event or two in the future if i ever get to it.

Purpose of me doing this is for fun and even if there is no readers for my story I will still continue posting. It's like a big project for me. The development of story will be on adhoc basis. I try my best to post development of the story every day but no promises are kept here.

Part 1 of Vholt is completing soon. by tomorrow hopefully. smiley


Things are about to change very soon. Jump on this bandwagon ASAP!

We want to become one of the famous guilds at Clint City.
The main guild : Den of Urban Masters ,as it displayed,the minimal requirments are LVL 20,and please no red faces.
The Academy: guild:908354 ,if you are already member and reach LVL 20 You can join to the Main guild.
...and, please BE active...
fight well!smiley

Faster enter my guild today ! Malaysian players are needed smiley

tuesday 15/06/2010

Hey could some people join my guild? My guild has special weeks with a certain amount of pillz being used on a card and other weeks there isn't! smiley

Please join because i don't want my guild to be deleted and neither does the other person in my guild. smiley

If you join you won't regret it! smiley

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