tuesday 28/04/2009

Rowdy: 6k
Gil : 6.4k
Uranus: 6.5k

also have lulabee gabrielle and bryan available to trade with clintz

Ill pay in cards. 95 000 is my offer

The best way to get a good price is to go to french auctions on the french boards and bid on a Splata Cr.
You should check there and see if there is a Splata auction. Otherwise 100k is very low. you should at least offer 120k

I have two max level you want it.

Ill buy chloe


monday 27/04/2009

For 4000c or murphy for 800

Joana for 50c

Ct must be Cr offcourse smiley

PM me plz

PM me plz


I think i messed up the preivouse time i tried to post this, i didnt notice the rules section at the top, my bad im sorry ill try this again

im looking to sell beltran cr for 83.7k or other offers ( must be reasonable)


trade beltran and another card (name one no cr's) for a tessa cr

if i dont own a card you named i will let you know and if your still interested simply name another one

Are you interested in trading?

Buying Jalil for 895 clintz!

2700. put in box


Selling 30-40 bragh

2200 ea
or will take offers
bulk buys will have a discount.

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