wednesday 03/01/2018

What I’ve got
Lyse Teria Cr 0xp 20M
Melissa Cr 0xp 1.1M
5x Butcher Braxton 0xp 1.2M
5x Schatzi 0xp 850k
5x Dakota 0xp 350k
5x Judge Lynch 0xp 225k
1x Behemoth 0xp 625k
1x Marshal 0xp 625k

What I’m looking for
2x Cannibal Jo Cr 0xp 6.3M
2x Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp 3.1M
2x Kerozinn Cr 0xp 2.3M
3x Nemo Cr 0xp 4M

Sorry Matrix, I forgot to write it
They are all 0xp smiley

Hi, I offer my chad bread, diyo, melissa, skullface, thaumathurge and swidz 0 xp for your same crs full xp. Make your offers, Im expecting something like 10k in clintz or cards with this price for the low price crs and more clintz and more cardas for the more expensive cards.

This is really broad. For anyone to take it more seriously, you need to include some parameters. Such as EXP, absolute most you are willing to pay, etc.

I value him at 3.5m-4m. Looking for clintz, crs, rares. Open to offers.

I'm looking for a full xp noctezuma cr and im willing to give mi full xp kinichaw cr plus 15 k clintz, comment if interested

Buying Kiki Cr any XP for 18.5M

Cheers, I just bought it, I can now close the thread smiley

Ok what are your offers?

Ill add a Eddie Cr to my 5 Noctezuma 0 XP for 5 Impera Sloane any expsmiley

tuesday 02/01/2018

It's a better market to be selling in than buying. But that's just my opinion smiley

If you're set on spending, I would go for something that won't drop too far in price (assuming the little price bubble we got going on here will pop) - namely something more rare. The new release event cards - #nemo cr Kougloff Butcher Braxton Judge Lynch etc. #cannibal jo would be on my list, but she already went Cr and it's hard to tell where she will end up.

I'm finding a way to get rid of three of these cards, please submit your offers. I'm mostly looking for cards, but clintz are also usable in this case

7x leviatonn 0 xp for dwain ce?

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