thursday 21/05/2009

Im selling Ashigaru for 1.8k

Pm me if interestedsmiley

Buying Splata Cr for 100K
anyone offer could just private sell to me~thx

I'm looking for Zatman (U),Dorian (U),SkrumxxT (R),Wakai (R),Wendel (R), and Beetenka (U)..(any level)
I'll trade of all of it to my Lvl3 Jackie (R)...
Just PM me..


All I need now is just Vermyn N at 3* for 7000 clintz Please? and Wanda for 400 clintz. I know the prices are really cheap but i really need it cheap so i can make my deck.

Close plz!

You reALize bristone is only 700-900

wednesday 20/05/2009

If anyone plans on doing this, they should sell their card to you for 2500. If you sell 50 Warrens for 50 Clintz each, 50*50=2500. If they sell only 1 card for 50, you make a quick 2450. If anyone wishes to make the trade, take this into consideration.

Close sold all allready

Close please, already bought it smiley


Anyway please close as I have all the cards I wished to buy and trade.


Add 500 clintz and Deal!

Im looking for at least 3 0xp feelyn..
il buy it for 400clint each

I buy each Taigo for 280, just put into my private sale, maximum would be 150 copies.

I will buy it

Buying Some Nightmares Let It Sell Em For Cheap Plz

I'll buy Timmy for 2000 clints

I can give you Kerozinn Cr

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