sunday 03/05/2009

You need a Yayoi??? I need a Steve. Lets swap...

For 100 clintz
pm me if ur interested

Close please smiley

Brook, out.

Pls close

What would you like for KOLOS ?

Okay I got Graziella now I have Meroo to trade for your Boris

I am looking for the card dieter. If you have any to spare please let me know for the details on buying or trading. thanks guys!

Got rowdy just need peeler now
6.5k or best offer


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I only nees dreen with 500-600 clintz

Yes plus 10 clintz for card price

Update: mission accomplishedsmiley

3.5k for a toro card.. pls.

smileyclose please.

Do you still need winston?smileysmileysmiley

Or Wolfgang

Please close mods thanks

I need this transaction for an event so if this could work that would be nice smiley

And do you have Peeler, La Junksta?

Buying Wardog for 2666 clintz

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