saturday 22/05/2010

Over The Horizon- and you are fighting me in fight type 2 i use phiranna, good luck! smiley

Great guild, I am pretty good myself, and I know this guild will be a really great guild.

Thx u all it is a great guild with great people

friday 21/05/2010

My girlfriend was going to start playing this game with me, but she was unable to select a starting deck (did they disappear?). When she registered, she was defaulted to the sent. (action deck I think). I think she wanted danger, is there any way to still select a starter deck before you register?

Hi all this is a new guild and am looking for guild members of any lvl
the benefits are that i am willing to help u and give cards to u that you would need i can also help you with training them and other stuff so please join

We don't really have card selling at below market price (though I could potentially help with that), but guild : 964521 would love to have you.

Pleasse read:

I want to inform everyone that i am open to accepting anyone to this guildsmiley

thursday 20/05/2010


Read the rules and then resubmit:


Guys please help to make this guild better =))


Good luck!

wednesday 19/05/2010

Pm if you want me to join your guild

Thanks man, and he's right this guild is a guild for anyone who wants to join thats lv.15 and dosent have a bad face mark.


Please follow the rules:


You already have a recruitment thread smiley

Please post on the Strategy and Tactics:General forum smiley

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I don't think it should. Try reinstalling the app.

Update: just hit #11 in a DT, starting work on ELO now ;P

tuesday 18/05/2010

I would, but i wanna get away from responsibilty, and no worries

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