monday 20/04/2009

I got your wanda for 400

Selling 0xp Vansaar for 850 clintz.

Sold mods please close

I think you still owe me an Eyrton bro...

sunday 19/04/2009

I have a Mona and 3000 clintz that I am offering for Kerry.

Mods please close. I decided to sell Rolph and use my money to purchase Z3r0 D34d

This auction is now officially closed. The winning bid came in at 5590. Two other bids came in after the alloted time that were higher but in fairness I could not accept them. Thanks to all who participated.

Please close this thread.


Close this Please, he Fresh 2 Death sold it already smiley

Yayoi is currently 10 000 clintz at lvl 3, too over priced so i'll sell at 9 000

Charlie 4* currently 15 000 so i will sell at 14 500 clintz

pm me...


I think this can be deleted/closed now.
this is really old smiley

I will trade kerozinn cr and nistarok for a full vickie cr now

Have u got the samuri leader and/or jalil from jungo for trade??

Close this please, he got him already!smiley

Buying zatman for 17k

I'm willing to put 5000 clintz on top of the trade. PM if you are interested.

I took paraguayans offer please close

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