friday 10/04/2009

Wht? You want him dat much? Just buy from shop man!^__smiley__smiley__^

Need some Wanda Lvl 1 Willing to pay 1500 per, put them in my private sales

And if your the first to come to me with a message ill give you both of the clans

I will trade half of either sacrohm or gheist i have the first 17 cards and all i want is one zatman

I'll have to say no to Flavio Cr. I don't want to trade one low power 1HKO CR for an even lower power 1HKO CR. I'll discount to 875k for a deal that involves at least 2 copies of Vickie Cr, though smiley

New offer. 2 tanaerevas + 27 000

Sold mods please close

Close please

Sure... cus hes twice that on the market

I'll give except ongh for 14 k

thursday 09/04/2009

120k or

trade for:
Marina 7k
Striker 7.5k
Juicy lord 4k
Vermyn N 9k
Z3r0 D34d 4k
XU52 6k
Gil 5.5k
Katan 4k
Hawkins 11k
Dorian 8.5k
Zatman 17k
Jackie 29k

or some combination of the two.

I do not want Cr's or many copies of 1 or 2 cards please.

Thank you Mods.

Do you want hawk or what?smiley

I will have around 25.5k(maybe slightly more), and if anyone is willing to sell me Eklore for that much, I will buy her. And I don't have any cards for trade, just clintz.
If so put in my private sales, thank you.

Please close this

Anyone?? smiley smiley

For renie cr i only offer 80 oscar

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