thursday 16/04/2009

Looking to trade my vickie cr 0xp for swidz cr and skullface cr,

Please close mods all cards went to someone else

Since no one seems interested, please close mods. If anyone still wants to buy or trade for Marco 0 exp just pm me

Get them off me 4 a straight 10

I have willy i dont use him so u can have him for a good price

I am also looking to fill a gap. I have an extra Effie (U) and need Svelthlana (C) to help fill in my deck. Would anyone trade me their Svelthlana (C) for my Effie (U)??

Desperatly in need of a vickie cr all to trade is:
wee lee

Any kind offers pm me smiley

Thanks helpful modsmileyClose now pleasesmiley

Mods close plz

Hello guys

I am selling my Tessa Cr for 160k
pls pm me smiley

This thread is 1 month old, Probably an old thread

Never mind already bought one

close please

Also have Python, Wakai, Nanook to deal if you didnt catch that in title.

Bought from market, close please/

Nimestiec and Flyer for a cheap price

Wat bout wee lee, cassandra, vyrmin?

Aw taht MP XD can u sell it any lower? smiley

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