monday 06/04/2009

Knock knock Vermyn is currently 8K a card for 2-3K would make the offer 9-10K, then its better for me to just buy one on the market.

Trade my skullface for miss twice

Jackie + 1000clintz

Sell it 2 u 4 vickie cr x2

Got the vickie cr, pls close and delete this =)

Close and delete please.

Mods pls close

I will give you Jane Ramba for him..

Man this is a very very old post

I want fabio for 1.5k
and Spiaghi for 500

Please close, exchange complete smiley
Thanks moderarors! smiley

Looking for Scopica for 1,000 clintz even 0xp. Anyone? smiley


All cards sold. pls close. thanks.

Never mind then. I'll sell it on the market. Please close. smiley

Nvm screw my offer got 1 at market for same pricsmiley

Close please kind moderator/admin of UR smiley

sunday 05/04/2009

I have 2 Scubb
1 is 1 star
the other is 4
I'm looking for good piranas

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