wednesday 06/05/2009

Im buying morphun

willing to pay 16000 - 19000

if interested pm me or post here.

I'll sell it to you

I have Giovanni. PM me and name the price.

I will sell you Giovanni. name the price. PM me.

I'll sell you my Giovanni

I only have Cassio Cr at the moment...

Sos bought close please

Hey! I am looking to buy Tanaereva!

If anyone happens to have one they are willing to sell me I would love to hear from you!

I am asking to buy him for 30k but I understand if your like "OH NOES, YOU BUYZ HIM FOR MOREZ!!''... I just wont understand what you said.. but I will understand! ^.^

Looking to buy these three cards asap.

Anything around 10-20% below current market price would be nice.

Bree: 1200ish would be nice
Ashley: 120-130 should be reasonable
Ricardo: 80 clintz...or nearest offer.

I'll also take any Spiaghi 's people have spare for 300ish clintz.

Please post here or PM me asap.


Comon its a good deal

I will buy Rowdy for 5500 please put in my sales or pm me thanks alot!

Close please smiley

Close please

1* Uranus (U) 6100
4* Ratanah (U) 5200

message me if ur interested, thx

Rebecca is one of the worst cards u can get sell for about 200 what about micthlle his last evolotion is bad his frist one is better so sell him for about 195 i know i had them both and they are bad

I'll trade my Kenny for Alec

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