thursday 16/04/2009

Never mind already bought one

close please

Also have Python, Wakai, Nanook to deal if you didnt catch that in title.

Bought from market, close please/

Nimestiec and Flyer for a cheap price

Wat bout wee lee, cassandra, vyrmin?

Aw taht MP XD can u sell it any lower? smiley

This add is finished. Please close.

Thank you

I know this sounds silly but I have an extra Effie and need Svelthlana to help fill in my deck. Would anyone trade me thier Svelthlana for my Effie??

Offering 5k for Hattori. Put in my private sales.


It's done
Close please

I would also like to buy Methane for 2.1k and rolph for 2.2k smiley if you are willing to sell id love to buy them from you

I need a chan and willing to pay 1.5k?

pm mi if your willing to help

Wow, does nobody have marlysa they woudnt mind selling? smiley

Got it smiley
thank you modssmiley

Selling for 45k upwards asap, pm for a fast response.

Close this please Mods.


Darth 3* 270Clintz
Dr Saw 4*1 125Clintz
Luba 3*200Clintz
Vladimir 5*780Clintz

Hi, I am looking to trade petra, graksmxxt and eris all 0 xp for maxxed of the same cards with some considerations since 0xp r worth more then max...

Send me a pm


Anyone interested in selling Kerozinn Cr for 85k Clintz?

(If you think about it, if you sell it on the market you'll lose 5% to Kate which is most liekly close to 5k Clintz. If you sell it on private sales, you won't lose those 5%!)


wednesday 15/04/2009

762 424-full price
2 500 000-0xp price

theres a difference of 1.8mil clintz
i could make this deal but i need a ndololo full first lol

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