wednesday 06/05/2009

tuesday 05/05/2009

Looking for a good price or

a swap with a card around the same

value thanks mods smiley

Please not over 2,3k
PM me or write here and give me a cheap prize

I would like it to be as cheap as possible if possible.

I want an Ambre, and I'll pay anyone 14000 for her. Private sell it to me if you're interested.

Okay, it's been sold; thanks to everyone for their interest.

Heya people!

Im looking to buy a Steve (any exp) for a fair price since it seems to be really high at the moment (Why is this?)

Anyway if you have it either pm with your price, post it here or pop it in a private sale.


Status: subject closed.

Private sell me.

ı sold vickie cr
close this subject pls

1* Toro (U) 4800
1* Uranus (U) 6100
4* Ratanah (U) 5200

message me if ur interested, thx

Jackie for Charlie,Yayoi,Clara and Baby Q + 1000 clintz

Pls close this
i already sold my Masamu
close this

I will trade for kolos

Frank lvl1 160
vladimir lvl4 1600
winifred lvl3 700
angelina lvl2 160
sharon lvl1 450
elixir lvl2 200
ezerbet lvl2 250
sargh lvl2 200
gran vista lvl2 160
caciope lvl2 543
oryon lvl2 200
venus lvl2 519
boby joey lvl1 140
sydney lvl4 1400
i researched the market value 4 each of them and there level and the total price is 6112 put all together plzz no trading plzz no arguin plzz the amount i asked research it ur self to find out and plzz pm me i will not be checkin up on this page
and thank u smileysmiley

Ummmmmmmmmmmm i have a rolph

Do you have a lamar cr?

Please close, mods. I made the trade already

Marco 0xp, Peeler and Gil???...

Edd - 1700
Sharon - 350
Mona - 4700
Ottavia - 1750
Oscar - 400
Spiaghi - 300
Prince Jr - 800
Fabio - 900

Just put in my Private sales
or pm me if want want to offer something a little different


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