tuesday 05/05/2009

Ummmmmmmmmmmm i have a rolph

Do you have a lamar cr?

Please close, mods. I made the trade already

Marco 0xp, Peeler and Gil???...

Edd - 1700
Sharon - 350
Mona - 4700
Ottavia - 1750
Oscar - 400
Spiaghi - 300
Prince Jr - 800
Fabio - 900

Just put in my Private sales
or pm me if want want to offer something a little different


Well noone buys them for that much, only for 250, im saying if you have any low unleved garys or high unevolved, i will buy higher than someone would normaly pay

I am ready to pay 7500

monday 04/05/2009

Any takers? I can make up the difference of 3000 clintz as well.

Anyone????? please closeeee

Mods, you can now close this. thanks. smiley

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Do anybody got Katan and who will sell it very cheap?

Wanting to buy tanaereva, almot 17,000 clintz and a charlie, can throw in a few more cards, PM me please

Tyd is the last card I need for my pirana deck (well actually I could do with a hawkins or bloodh but It will be a long time in the process). Its really drained my coffers collecting the rest of the deck so I'm pretty low on funds, smileybut I can make clintz fairly quickly. Whats anyone willing to sell him for?

7500 Clintz or greather than 7500 but less than 8000 Plz.smiley

Close please
we did the trade already

Can someone plz sell me striker for 9k


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