thursday 06/05/2010

DaniHog!!! Welcome back, how was your stay off UR. Anyways GL with finding a guild

wednesday 05/05/2010

8 members so far keep it upsmiley

I need a guild with allot of members but still accept inexperience player's like me anyone got a suggestion?

Join join join i got 72k and saving to make a big thing with cr's for the guild join now and get help from us join now and be the best join now and get help from me so join join join


It's 20+ now! will raise!

tuesday 04/05/2010

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that the first person thats joins us will receive a card worth around 1200 clintz for only 50 clintz!!!!

Its a good deal join now and receive your card!!!!

Bah i cant get the hyperlink to work atm cant be bothered again heres a direct link to page

You should remake this thread.


Hey peoples. Join us here at TCG. We're a pretty darn amazing group of people. smiley

monday 03/05/2010



You should *really* read the rules/FAQ.

- Section 4

We are looking for famous criminals such as two faces, poison ivy and many others who ever been kept here, in guild:953630 and hold a grudge against batman or any1 who got them in from Gotham City

want to be one of them? u r in the right place, looking for sum1 lvl 40+ for events organisation(gets admin post too)

we accept ppl of any lvl

We are really active on the mesage baord

I am thinking you would have to contact Support.

Try here:

Are you looking for Fun guild ? Join us now Game Heroes
-Active in Guild message board and guild chat
-Lvl 30
-Active in TD and ELO

If you have this come and join now smiley you are welcome in this guild.

Thanks Moderator smiley

sunday 02/05/2010

I've been playing less than a month now and this game has been great filler fr my down time. I can play for 5 minutes or an hour. Now, however, I'd like to get more involved and really hone my strategy and deck building skills. I believe the right guild could help me do just that.

I'm looking for an English-speaking guild (American is preferable, one with helpful members, players over 16, jocular, and not too many members. I'd like to get to know all of the members, so between 15 and 25 would be nice. It's not a deal breaker though.

About me: I'm a 22-year-old student from Columbus, Ohio. I'm a huge sports fan, very social, I'm always listening to music, and I'm ready to meet new people. Please send me a message and hopefully we can be assets to one another.


I also forgot to add that today at GMT time 00:00 we will end 20+ recruiting and it will return back to 30+
Have a great day smiley and join now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please follow the rules for recruitment and make a new thread smiley

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