sunday 12/04/2009

Hi I'm Search For copies of Sylth or ongh !0 sylth or 6 ongh For thaumaturge cr
Sexy kitty

Do u accept cards

Vansaar(leader) 550 clintz
Brutox(Gheist)-125 clintz
Luba(Gheist)-200 clintz
Meyen(Gheist)-225 clintz
Nina(Gheist)-240 clintz
Myke(La Junta)-100 clintz

I thought it you have that much money.

Mods please close this

Comon guys its a good deal

Close plz

Please close

U want buck ill sell for 2.5???

Wait u need gison and kawan or u are trading for other cards?


Anyone wanna help me out and sell one to me for 50k Plus a Jackie 0xp, i know its under marker, but im looking for a favor let me know.

saturday 11/04/2009

I sell my marlysa cr full xp for 499.000 clintz.

other proposition is buy mi marliya cr for 400.000 + complement in cards smiley

and the other offert--> My marlysa cr full xp for the equivalent in cards 5* , whith level 1,2,3,or 4, the cards must are gary, phonos, timber, van sar, etc...

10500-11500 clintz level 1 or 2

Selling her for 17500-18500 clintz level 5

Well, here are the cards I need listed and my budget for them.

Toro (3500)
Eris (1200)
corrina (580)
trinmkkt (620)
Uranus (5000)
nimestiec (600)

Price could be negotiated through pm, thanks. smiley

Done..pls close.. thanks mod..

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