wednesday 28/04/2010

I think you qualify for Urban Madness I'm not an admin but we pretty cool, just apply and see why we have so many members,

Also, I'd prefer if you sent a message to me instead of posting on this thread. Thank you again.

We are still recruiting smiley

tuesday 27/04/2010

Join the strong ones!smileysmiley

Ty on the link smiley

Ok finnaly got it I think lol.

smileySo I'm guessing no one will join since it took me forever to figure this out, if i even figured it out.smiley
who would follow a leader who is an idiot. grrrrrrrrrrr

Forever Charmed

monday 26/04/2010

Oh snap we are being shouted at by an admin
but its not all spam...
fine i'll close this smiley

PWWD, you already have a recruitment thread, please use that one smiley

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Hi, looking for a guild to mainly trade cards and strategies with. I was inactive for a while because of time constraints. When the iPhone app came out, that is when I picked up the game again. Preferably the guild should be able to speak english well. Hoping for a lot of friendly knowledgeable players too.

Level: 16
Join Date: 11/09/08

Hells Angels is for you smiley

sunday 25/04/2010

Give guild:864571 a try. smiley We will enjoy your visit.

Come on. join this fast growing friendly community..


its as new as the world is old

Hey all i'm Dajocker92 ( you can call me dajocker .
U.R. Immortal Soilders is open to new members. If you want to be a member and you're over the 1st Requirement (lvl25), feel free to apply.
will accept near lvl 20 or 25's if active
1.must have at least 400bps per day
2.must have a green face
3.must do at least 3 tournament a day
4.after 31 days you will be remove from the guild if not active in that time

saturday 24/04/2010

Lol thanks for putting it for me was just about to do it. I couldnt figure out the hyperlink thing also lol.

Come to this guild!! here we help u complete missions, we fight without pillz or with, we play by all types of game!!!

Join us.
For we share strats an fun, Learn an train.

An soon we will be there right at the top.
(or atleast at some place we can see the top smiley)

TEEF is a guild dedicated to superior oral hygiene. Strict rules are enforced to assure that members achieve and maintain beautiful teeth.

The following attributes are necessary to join TEEF:

-Applicant’s teeth must be completely white
-Applicant must brush their teeth at least 3 times an hour, and must visit the dentist at least once a week for whitening and cleaning of teeth
-Applicant must carry around one of the following products to maintain this whiteness: Whiteout, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or Crest Whitestrips
-Surface area of applicant’s front teeth must be at least 20cm²
-Applicant must be related to either a rabbit or a beaver

Current members must also abide to these guidelines.

Guild Motto: “Brush your teeth three times an hour, your teeth will be as white as flour.”

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