sunday 05/11/2017


I research Newell 0xp for 1.2m

I offer:
6 Ongh Cr 0xp
6 Dr Copernica Cr 0xp
Other Crs for bigger lots just pm me.

Thank you,

I can buy Behemoth for 500k. I'm up for whoever needs quick cash

My Lyse Teria Cr full + 300k cash vs your Guru Cr full smiley mp

The issue has been fixed to my knowledge, closing this subject. Was only intended as in informative not as a complaint smiley

saturday 04/11/2017

I trade my #tessacr for your #dragancr

Skullface is gone.

Seldnor Cr left, I want a double of serafina so that would be close. Throw in cash or comp card and I'll take it

Market offers arent better lol.

I'll trade you 2 serefina for your 2 Marshal and (70k)

Your Hawks to exchange for my Big 5s, Top end Crs, etc. For a 2500 batch, I will pay 65 per copy.


My Jackie full +50k for 0xp. Possible 13 times!!!

friday 03/11/2017

For my Kiki 4*

smiley broke I might just have to sell serafina since I don't use rescue anyway.

I can accept another cr smiley

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