monday 09/03/2009

I am looking to buy cheap 0exp 3 to 5 star cards

Please pm me with what you have and prices

I also buy junk cards for 120 clintz , if anyone has any just put them directly into my private sales.


Almost everything is gone,gonna make another thread

close please and thx

Hi I am looking to trade jerry (u) for any monatana/nightmare cards. 1 condition though the cards have to = 1000 clintz or more. post your offers here and I will decide

I give my Melissa Cr lv1 for:

Jim Cr + 2 Marco + 2 Jackie + Tanaereva + 5000c

If the cards you give me are 0xp I will not ask for the 5000c
If you don't have Jim cr or you don't want to trade it I ask for
3 Marco + 3 Jackie + 2 Tanaereva + 5000c

Contact me in private. Thank you.

Plz close

Anyone? i can take ctz instead of cards or any combination

I am looking to purchase a Gil under market price. My initial offer is 5k, but I am willing to throw in cards and negotiate to make the deal more even. Pm me if interested.smiley

Still looking for these cards and Anita

Your prices are just too far under market value. I have a hard time finding people to let me buy cards like that 500clintz under market. You are offering 2k under for charlie, and 1k under for fabio the 800 clintz difference for Taham is okay though

Anyway, i have already traded the vholt for a vickie cr. you can now close this mods. thank you. smiley

Do you still need them?

Bought them close pease

Anyone generous? I am working on a budget deck and I also need a Lou if anyone is interested, I am willing to pay just under 1k for her

Mods close plz

If you are interested in Cr trade, I can offer Marlysa Cr (full exp) for Dragan Cr and Lamar Cr.

Willing to buy it for 70k


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