tuesday 14/04/2009

I'm ok with your offer, please PM me if you are still interested with the trade.

15k plus hugo please help a guy outsmileysmileysmiley

Close please.


La Junta: Jane Ramba , Wardog , Dean and Bryan

Nightmare: Nisatorak , Sheitane , Dieter


Roots: Yookie , Ratanah , Noodile , Rico

Piranas: Smokey , Tula , Tyd , Cyan and Sting

I Prefer Trading


Thank you

Please close

Pls close

monday 13/04/2009

MOD's close the subject please... I have already make business... thanks

Need splata

Please close not avilable anymore smiley

Leave prices or put it on my priv sales. .

Close plz..thanks mods

I sell for 19k smileysmileysmileysmiley

Please close

Weter why do you open old posts about sigmund?
all of these posts are from last year..

Lol everybody has sigmunds lol!

You should trade him for other cards that way you'll have more chances of someone being interested in him

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