saturday 21/03/2009

Close plese

I will buy murphy for 250 cons or 3oo

Im sorry but im not going to trade any more i am going to take zawahas advice and wait until the price goes down

I buy him, close topic please!
Thanks moderators! smiley

Hawkins for Mark, Hax, Anita, Lobo and Elvira

Ok, close the topicsmiley

Ye speedy, thats why i wrote that it is negotiable smiley.. anyway, got it now. close pls

Ill take him for 10k

Please close!


Pls pm me with your prices

Ill buy this cards
kolos 20k
kenny 12k

message me in game..

Im buying any freaks lower than 1k please pm me

Selling it for 7990 -8200


prices are negotiable

Still want to buy Jessie?

Selling or trading all montana collection without fabio and cr's
will trade for other clans
or sell them as a bunch
not selliing sepretly

pm me faster reply


Hi, what are your cards?

I'll trade my Candy Jack, serious. smiley

Im buying any card from gheist for good price thats means less than the market ok .

thanks mods .

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