friday 10/04/2009

New offer. 2 tanaerevas + 27 000

Sold mods please close

Close please

Sure... cus hes twice that on the market

I'll give except ongh for 14 k

thursday 09/04/2009

120k or

trade for:
Marina 7k
Striker 7.5k
Juicy lord 4k
Vermyn N 9k
Z3r0 D34d 4k
XU52 6k
Gil 5.5k
Katan 4k
Hawkins 11k
Dorian 8.5k
Zatman 17k
Jackie 29k

or some combination of the two.

I do not want Cr's or many copies of 1 or 2 cards please.

Thank you Mods.

Do you want hawk or what?smiley

I will have around 25.5k(maybe slightly more), and if anyone is willing to sell me Eklore for that much, I will buy her. And I don't have any cards for trade, just clintz.
If so put in my private sales, thank you.

Please close this

Anyone?? smiley smiley

For renie cr i only offer 80 oscar

Buying all and any lvl charlie for 10k smiley

I am looking to either:

Trade - Armanda Cr for other Crs to the value of 945k (hopefully including Marlysa Cr!!)


Sell for 940k!!!

PM or post on this thread!! smiley

Close This PLZ.. Loki purchased Bloodh already smiley

No thank you crimson mask

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