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sunday 02/05/2010

I also forgot to add that today at GMT time 00:00 we will end 20+ recruiting and it will return back to 30+
Have a great day smiley and join now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please follow the rules for recruitment and make a new thread smiley

Please follow the rules for recruitment and make a new thread smiley

Please follow the rules for recruitment and make a new thread smiley

Please follow the rules for recruitment and make a new thread smiley

Please use the forum Strategy and Tactics for help with strategy.
[LFG] on this forum if you are looking to join a guild smiley

Hey my guild is all about fun. we love to talk about new strategies and decks. we have some pretty good members (though we are not as high lvl as you, im not sure how much that matters but i thought you should know) and we would love to have you join.smiley

Hey my guild is perfect for you, we are casual and we love talking about strategies. We too are adults (well college anyway). let me know what you think we would be happy to have you join.

saturday 01/05/2010

As we have our tenth member, I'm bumping this. Check us out! We are starting to get the ball rolling. Should be a lot of fun coming up.

Wrong Forum, please post it under Strategy and Tactics smiley

Why did you not accept my last post?

Join, newer players and octopus lovers alike!

Heya. We're a pretty great guild here at The Cunning Gambit.
Here's a link => The Cunning Gambit
Very Active on the Forums, Pretty great Elo battlers and t2 battlers. Except me. Not liking this Ability Manipulation week for Elo.
And lots of good deck builders and guild events going on. =)

friday 30/04/2010

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=950961 all u need is to be lvl 8 or higher need at least 4 right now i will hold turnies when i get to the lvl to start them

thursday 29/04/2010

You won't be disappointed you did.

Elo turney up

Chapter 7: Deep venture

The drill was still operating. They looked across the room to the passageway Dacote took to get here, running from the V2s and almost getting trapped by the closing wall.

Then they heard banging on the walls. They gave each other looks. “Maybe you should check it out, I’ll stay here and hold them back if they get through” Robb said. Eyrton nodded and went off, robb watching him go.

Robb looked at the control panels. He added another dart into his bat, the dart became liquefied, then the bat did. But then it multiplied, separated itself and hardened into two razor sharp blades.

The pounding at the door continued and robb sliced right through the door, almost stabbing strynge. The door stuck to his blades and Robb threw it right across the room, along with the gheist. “STAY OUT OF MY WAY!” Robb bellowed.

Eyrton took his time as he walked the length of the stone corridors, careful to not miss any secret passageways as he was looking for the entrance to the place Asporov was talking about. If it wasn’t in the temple they came from, they must’ve been a few feet off.

He ran back when he reached the dead end. When he got to the drill room, he looked across the room to see the door opened. He half expected to see robb getting beat down in the room but wasn’t too surprised to see the mangled bodies of strynge and vryer. He looked to his left. There was a small opening in the wall that wasn’t there before and the drill was stopped. He went in.

wednesday 28/04/2010

I'll join if you'll have me

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