thursday 28/12/2017

I offer 120 k + Nemo full for your nemo 0. I can do this twice. If you do the two trades with I give a lin bee cr 0 xp as a gift smiley

Behemoths and serfinas gone

New value: 4.3M

I'd like min 3M cash + 1.3M of CRs .. , Dakota 0xp 370k , Tormentah 0xp 80k, Butcher Braxton full 1.15M , Schatzi full 790k

I value kougloff 200k, ik his price gonna drop. but ill definitely adujust that if you thinks its too off. if you have some hmu

wednesday 27/12/2017

No one want ymirah? smiley

Received, thanks RAMZYXUK smiley

LF> one copy of each:
Mechakolos any XP
Toro any XP
Dolly any XP

Lol smiley that's why I said it's crazy in the beginning smiley

I'm look for a Nemo Cr any level - 4m
I'm offering Xantiax Robb Cr (0XP) - 2.8m)
and 1.2m

PM me if interested

Out of cash closed thanks!

I value my nemo 4m ea looking for serafina 0xp mainly which i value at 400k ea
Open to other offers tho feel free to pm me

I value my cards 1.65 m.

15* #spyke cr + 5* Kolos Cr + 2m vs your Cannibal Jo Cr

All #Spyke cr 0xp 3 Kolos Cr 0xp

I have 9x Shann Cr 0 xp
I am looking for: Leviationn 0 xp Draheera 0 xp
1x Shann Cr 0 xp for 2x Leviationn 0 xp or 4X Draheera 0 xp

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