monday 02/03/2009

Close plz this is already sold

Anyone wanna help me?thanks. smiley

I have all cards, what u want? please contact me

Trade tessa cr for lamar cr, willing to add some clintz, pm me if intrested, many thanks, MC_Stkeogh

Is there anything else you could add to the offer to even it out a little bit? smiley

Close plz

That's lower than market price. If you're more reasonable, then maybe you could get some offers...

On mach then I will celebrate my 2nd year here in Urban Rival.smiley I will buy Venuz (C) and Svelthlana (C) at 0 exp level 1, I just need this card to rebuild my original deck when I was a newbie smiley

Trading Juicy Lord [full xp] for Lin Xia [any xp] ill most like him o xp but any xp is ok

Trading juicy lord [full xp] for Kiki [any xp] and Scotty [any xp] pm for faster reply

sunday 01/03/2009

I'm selling at lvel 4 for 50k

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560 clintz if your sellin

Close this

Uh swish there almost double that


Close please

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