monday 30/03/2009

Dude make your own thread

Ill sell u griezzo for 1600

sunday 29/03/2009

Sorry Ratanah is gone

Close plz

Close, already trade it

Close please

Please close thread

Ill give u 90k

Modz, please close.

I will sell her for 3253 clintz kk

I will sell you chill for 1.7k

Somebody, help him. It is only 200 clintz less then the market price.
Because I need him too...but help him because all I got is 30 clintz XD.(Bought Hugo instead of Fabio)

Ill sell u him

I offer leviatonn + ambre + 8000 clints
contact me only mp

Im also looking to trade Morphun for other cards in and around his value.... kolos, jackie marco +some cltz

Mods close it pls iv got him smiley

Can go a little higher like 2700c++

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