tuesday 17/02/2009

Any cr will work as long as its whithin price range but i dont have any more sentinel

monday 16/02/2009

Please close i sold him already thank you

Nvm it's full lvl

More like 25-30k pm if interested

Lvl 3 1700

Have em pm if interested

I've got Hawkins how much are you willing to buy him for.

Please close all sold. Thanks

Close Plz smiley

PM me please!smiley

As it says in Subject - I want to buy Melissa Cr for price, lower than in Market.
It could be 160 - 165. Bargain is possible.

How do you actually trade cards

Please close thnx smiley

I can't seem to get either card to sell but I will sell Diyo Cr for 25000 and Charlie 4* at 16000 pm me or post if interested.

Also Buying Tagios for 400 a piece

I'll give mario ashley eadh erszebet halley sargh aurelia rick samantha and 9500ctz.. low on cash atm.
would appreciate if u'd sell him to me. PM

Close please

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