friday 27/02/2009

I'll offer u a marina for ur leviatonn

thursday 26/02/2009

Its 5k on the market

You might get an offer if you say like jackie +6-7k

p.s im not interested

I`ll buy Cyan for 200

Hi,i will bye your phonos 0xp for 500 clintz
if interessed,please mike it in my private sell
thanx you

Click on my Profile and youll see what im selling im also hoping to find someone who makes 3* Pfulls so I can sell them 3*s that they can make into Pfulls.

Buying monaa for 3.4k please smiley

+ 1 Peeler

I give you jackie and wee lee and 8 clints

Exchenge my guru cr 0 exp for one guru cr full exp + clintz or cr

Close this please. thanks!

Concluded a deal with 0range

please close

Guys all the cards you wanted to trade i already have... I'm looking for a kenny and for other hard to get rares

Which one you want

Oyho or lamar cr or robb ok for my noodile

Well i have some cards u wanna buy but they are about like 400-700

My diyo cr for a jackie

1 splater cr
1 vickie cr
3 jackie
1 Marco
1 Kolos
1 Zatman
+ 100k

pm me

Any lvl

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